East Coast Liquid Filling (ECLF) assists large and small companies looking for a competitive advantage in the market place. We offer a full range of liquid-fill contract packaging solutions from complete turnkey to customized-services. We’re eager to share our experience in contract manufacturing and offer strategic design assistance to significantly reduce formulary, packaging, and freight costs.

Our strengths are in our ability to efficiently fulfill orders ranging from 100 to 1,000,000 units while offering excellent personalized-service. Because of our manufacturing flexibility, we are able to meet demand on short-lead time orders with a focus on product quality, service, and delivery.

We offer our customers nearly 25 years of manufacturing excellence in blending complex formulations and providing cost-effective cold fill production solutions.

Proprietary information (e.g. formulations and strategic market research) is a very serious matter at ECLF. From the moment communications begin between our organizations, no information is shared about our relationship (unless you want us to). All information is kept completely confidential.



With our effective processes and experienced production team, we can offer a wide range of economic contract packaging solutions.  Utilizing a variety of filling methods and equipment to support your organization’s requirements, ECLF is capable of filling a wide range of viscous liquids in a variety of sizes from 0.25 ounces to 55-gallons.  We are able to adjust to your specific needs—from traditional filling and packaging to custom-developed solutions.

Blending capabilities include:
• 35-gallon to 1,500-gallon batch sizes
• various viscosity levels
• variable-speed, high-torque mixer.

Additional value-added processes include:
• induction sealing
• shrink banding with shrink tunnel
• two-sided pressure-sensitive labeling
• wrap-around labeling.

Filling lines include:
• gravity-fill for low-viscosity liquids
• pressure-fill for medium to high-viscosity formulations
• dedicated manufacturing lines to meet your demand.

Case packs may include: 
• partition inserts
• pads
• tray inserts
• product-specific information.


The value-process starts before blending and manufacturing begins.  We carefully provide an in-depth review of to ensure product integrity and cost optimization:
• raw materials
• bottle, bottle-label, and cap
• box and box-label
• pallet configuration and warehouse pallet-stacking method
• carrier selection

Our multi-level Quality Program is important to the success of our company. ECLF’s Quality Standards and experienced personnel serve as a Quality-support Team to ensure the highest standard of quality to each customer partner. With thorough product analysis, you can be assured that when your order has shipped, it has gone through extensive quality checks and will exceed your customer’s expectations. Leverage our experience regarding your overall product development 


Storage/Inventory Control and Management

ECLF is able to safely monitor and store raw materials, packaging supplies, and finished goods in its controlled-manufacturing facility and on-site warehouse. Secondary, off-site storage is available for larger contract filling requirements.

Efficient inventory control/inventory management is carried out by our Quality Team periodically or upon request. ECLF is able to control stock by FIFO, lot expiration, or other measure. Cycle counting is performed to ensure inventory accuracy. Full physical inventories and product reconciliation are also performed (upon request).

Our entire facility is equipped with a full-range sprinkler system for fire protection. Effective security measures are in place to ensure unwanted disturbances during off-hours. 


Customer Service

ECLF has a strong commitment to customer support (that’s why you’ll receive our personal cell phone numbers).

The timely responses to your inquiries will allow you to act quickly to changing market demand. Customers depend on ECLF for technical support, manufacturing excellence, inventory management, and freight optimization. ECLF believes strongly in effective communications. We commit to:

• being easily accessible and readily available by phone (office and cell), e-mail, or fax
• coordinating deliveries from supply partners
• supporting special arrangements for supply partners, your customers, and carrier partners
• coordinating other necessary processes for products (e.g. secondary packaging)
• assisting with the shipment of finished products
• maintaining accurate inventory records