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Specialists in Contract Liquid Filling Packaging Solutions

East Coast Liquid Filling (ECLF) assists large and small companies looking for a competitive advantage in the market place. We offer a full range of liquid-fill contract packaging solutions from complete turnkey to customized-services. We’re eager to share our experience in contract manufacturing and offer strategic design assistance to significantly reduce formulary, packaging, and freight costs.
Our strengths are in our ability to efficiently fulfill orders ranging from 100 to 1,000,000 units while offering excellent personalized-service. Because of our manufacturing flexibility, we are able to meet demand on short-lead time orders with a focus on product quality, service, and delivery.
We offer our customers nearly 25 years of manufacturing excellence in blending complex formulations and providing cost-effective cold fill production solutions.
ECLF is located 15 miles west of Philadelphia, PA in a facility optimized for blending and manufacturing performance.
Proprietary information (e.g. formulations and strategic market research) is a very serious matter at ECLF. From the moment communications begin between our organizations, no information is shared about our relationship (unless you want us to). All information is kept completely confidential.
At East Coast Liquid Filling, our contract packaging solutions are suitable for large enterprises who want a fully-integrated contract packager or small businesses who only require liquid filling. ECLF offers the services of a complete packaging company. We’re an effective bottle filling company with efficient liquid filling capabilities. Consider EC Liquid Filling’s chemical blending and contract liquid filling solutions when you search for a liquid filling company or contract packaging company.